How much can I make?


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Tutors set their own rates. We charge a commission which is used for running the RMT platform, running Facebook and Google ads, and preparing educational materials for the BYOM program.

Your tutor account will be credited after the completion of each lesson.  On average, a part-time teacher makes $500/month, while a full-time popular teacher can make from $4,000 to $8,000/month.

When you start out, we recommend setting your rate lower until you get enough student reviews and your profile is raised in our listing. Later, you can raise your rate based on your popularity, the number of positive reviews, students, and lessons.

Note that it will take 48 hours to credit the money to your wallet.

While tutors get to set their own rates, they have to be within a reasonable sum. Most tutors set between $20-$50. To set higher rates, you should have extensive relevant experience and expertise in the subject you teach. RMT will remove tutors who set excessive rates, for e.g. a junior at university with little or no tutoring experience but setting $80 and above for a lesson.

Withdrawal requests from $50 once every 20 days either to Wise or PayPal account. 

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