How to apply as a teacher or a tutor?


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The simplest way to apply as a teacher or a tutor is by selecting the APPLY TO TEACH button in the top menu (you can still use Google or Facebook single-sign-on when you log in subsequently).

This procedure will create a teacher account and a parallel student account for you.

Once you become a teacher, you can switch back and forth between a teacher's account and a student's account. Using your student account, you can also sign up for lessons with other teachers as a student or attend our webinars. 

If you already have a student account created, you can apply as a teacher by clicking the "APPLY TO TEACH" button at the bottom of the Dashboard menu.

The multi-page "Apply To Teach" form you will fill out will prepare your application for approval by the administrator. Once you complete this form, please wait for approval. It typically takes no more than 48 hours to get approved or rejected. In order to ensure that you will get approved, please make sure that you have satisfied all the requirements, and that you have:

  1. Uploaded your photo in passport photo format.
  2. Wrote a detailed bio/about me section.
  3. Provided at least three qualifications.

 After you are approved, you will be asked to log back in and complete the rest of the 3 of 6 sections of the application. These sections include pricing, skills, and availability.

We require that you write a detailed Bio/About Me description (at least one or two paragraphs) and provide at least four qualifications. Your application may be rejected, if the administrator is not satisfied with your Bio or Qualifications.

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