Are the tutors qualified?


Last Update 7 months ago

Only 1 in 10 tutors who apply to RMT eventually make it to the tutor list to ensure that you get the best quality math tutors available. All tutors have to provide their qualifications as part of our verification process, which includes a personal interview with one of our administrators.

Secondly, all tutors must have the following qualifications to teach at RMT:

  1. A college diploma in math, economics, physics, or equivalent STEM major.
  2. At least three years of tutoring experience.
  3. At least one year of online tutoring experience.
  4. English level C1 (IELTS 6.5) or better.

Finally, the top tutors will usually prepare a video introduction so that you can learn more about their offerings. Besides general qualifications, we also train our tutors in the Russian Math Curriculum and Russian Math Methods. Tutors who have taught more than 500 lessons and achieved a perfect 5-star review rating will be designated by the "Top Tutor" badge.

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