How do new students get started?


Last Update 2 maanden geleden

To get started on the platform as a student:

1. Please sign up as a student with your email account.

2. After logging in, navigate to the "Account Settings" and set up your profile picture, phone number, country, timezone, etc. (optional)

3. Students can search for teachers or browse group classes per their requirements by entering the subject, availability, and other filter criteria.

4. After selecting the teachers, students can book a free trial session with the teacher to have a better understanding of the teacher and see if you both can work together.

5. You can also contact the teacher through our messaging service if you like. You should find the Contact button on each teacher's profile:

6. After selecting the right teacher, you can buy and book more lessons on the platform. Lessons can be booked as a single lesson or repeat lessons.

If you are still facing difficulty finding the right teacher, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, by navigating to the "Contact Us" screen at the top of the main menu.

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