What if my tutor doesn't show up for the lesson?


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Our tutors are punctual, but under some rare circumstances, such as a power or network outage, they may not be able to attend the lesson or warn you ahead of time. Whether this was a trial lesson or a paid lesson, you should raise an issue by clicking the "Report Issue" button on the lessons card:

Step 1: Click the "Report Issue" Button on the Lesson Card

Step 2: Select "Teacher was absent" or another issue in the drop menu.

Once this is done, an email will be sent to our staff, who will be able to take appropriate action. In most cases, they will unset the lesson so it can be rescheduled. However, in the issue text, you can also indicate that you would require credit, and then the money would be credited to your wallet to schedule another lesson with the same or a different teacher.

Note that you only have 48 hours after the lesson has ended to open an issue on the lesson. After this time, the platform will not allow you to open an issue.

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