What technology is used for teaching on our platform?


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RMT has the GroupWorld Whiteboard seamlessly integrated into the RMT experience. Groupworld is the most advanced classroom software for online tutoring based on WebRTC technology, which includes online whiteboard, voice/video conferencing, screen sharing, video sharing, and session recording. No plugins or downloads are required:

   1.  The whiteboard will be available to teachers and students when they click the "Enter Classroom" button in their Dashboard.  Furthermore, teachers can practice using the whiteboard in the Teacher's Cabinet.

   2. You need to be on a stable Wi-Fi/LAN connection. Check that you have at most 250ms of ping time, 50ms jitter, and no packet loss on WebRTC Ping Test.

   3.  First time when you use the whiteboard, please make sure that you complete the diagnostic test sequence and allow browser permissions to use the group world application.

   4.  You must have a webcam and microphone. Headphones are also recommended.

   5.  When you speak, you should see a red bar going up and down in the corner of the small video window to the top right of the whiteboard. When the teacher speaks, you should be able to see a red bar on their video window.

   6.  We also recommend using a writing tablet such as Wacom or equivalent.

   7.  If you still cannot see or hear the teacher, please read the Groupworld Troubleshooting Guide.

For best results, we recommend using a desktop or laptop MAC or PC with a Google Chrome browser. Note that student desktop sharing is not supported on an iPad. 

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